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What is it????

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Howdy guys and gals, 


I recently bought a house and this brick ?grill/smoker? is on the property.  The question I have is this a grill, smoker, or maybe both?  It's rather large and really not sure how to use it.  The previous owner is long gone and I forgot to ask him about it. 






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Welcome to the board!


Looks like an unfinished project. Can you tell if it has ever been fired up? 


Maybe the question is, what can you make of it?  Look around online for possibilities.

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Thanks Blue. 


There are no signs it has ever been used at all.  And I was wondering the same thing - if it was not complete.  The open end to me looks like some type of smoker but the lack of an enclosure tells me it's not, so I really don't know.


Good idea on a web search, I'll see what I can find.


Take care.

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