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Hello from the Bay Area

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My name is Rich and I'm from San Jose, CA, originally from NYC. I'm here to learn from everybody and anybody. I bought a smoker a few years ago, had no idea what I was doing but did it anyway. I didn't turn out so bad but wasn't that good either. But I want to learn what I can so that I can make some delicious smoked meats this summer. Looking forward to getting to know you guys/ gals

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Welcome to the forum, Looking forward to seeing you around the site.


Gary S

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Rich, nice to have another NorCal smoker in the house even if you did take the long road to get here.  Sign up for the 5 day e-course to get the basics down and then get smoking something!  Our weather is perfect right now.



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Welcome to the group. There is a lot of people here to help with almost any issue you have. Just ask or do check for the issue using the search bar. Good luck and keep smoking.

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Hey Guys. Thanks for welcoming me. Look forward to getting some tips from you guy. I'll sign u for the e course if I can. Thanks for the heads up

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