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Pulled pork turned out pretty good as far as smoke flavor compared to a stick burner it seems about the same. I did use the AMAZN tube on the bottom next to the fire pot. it seemed to work pretty good there. I changed out the pellets to fruit wood and am currently doing 2 racks of ribs.I will update everyone when I'm done.
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That is interesting, I have never gotten the smoke flavor that I had from other cookers. Glad you like it and enjoy the time you have now since you are not adding wood all the time.

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Iforgot to mention I know someone said they had trouble getting it up to 400 to 500 Degrees. I think they need to get you another grill because this one will get up to about 400 Degrees in about 15 minutes.
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Ok first try at pics or Qvue. Here are the ribs at 3 hours

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Originally Posted by Skorepeo View Post

Ok first try at pics or Qvue. Here are the ribs at 3 hours


Lookin good so far!  :popcorn  Keep that Qview coming!


Glad to hear you're liking that new Rec Tec!  Thumbs Up



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Looks like you have the picture thing down, ribs are looking good.


Mine doesn't do high temps, took 18 minutes to get to 275°, did a rack of St Louis cut today, 3 hours at 275 turned out great. mine has only seen 500 once and it took over an hour to get there.

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All sauced up and ready to go.

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It took me over an hour to get to 460, and she wouldn't budge after that.  Anybody with similar problems that figured it out?  Over all, I'm pretty happy with it.  Had some problems with UPS damaging the first body that was sent.  But, Ben took care of it the same day had another one shipped, and the damaged one returned.

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Ive had my Rectec up to 568.. over 500 a couple times.. And it doesn't take an hour to get there either. Seriously, I think it will go higher.. I love my Rectec..




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Originally Posted by colorthumb View Post

Ive had my Rectec up to 568.. over 500 a couple times.. And it doesn't take an hour to get there either. Seriously, I think it will go higher.. I love my Rectec..





I stopped taking pics but it got hotter.
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Anyone having problems getting to a high temp can just give Rec Tec a call and they can walk you through adjusting the settings.  I have no desire to go above 450 or so with mine and rarely go over 300 with it (I use my gasser for searing).  It shouldn't need to be said, but make sure you don't have a water pan in it if trying to get to high temp (you really shouldn't use one at all in it).

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My problem was with the fan.  They sent one out right away, and I easily hit higher temps now.  I rarely cook at higher temps, but when I want a quick steak without having to fire up the Weber Kettle, it's nice to be able to sear one on the Rec Tec.

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Originally Posted by Todd Wooten View Post

My problem was with the fan.  They sent one out right away, and I easily hit higher temps now.  I rarely cook at higher temps, but when I want a quick steak without having to fire up the Weber Kettle, it's nice to be able to sear one on the Rec Tec.


Hey Todd...glad to hear they got you fixed up.  One more positive RT customer service story...



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I've had my Rec Tec for a year.  Overall, I'm very happy with it. My opinions:



-Very high quality for the price

-Customer service is indeed superb.  When the inevitable issues with a new piece of machinery have arisen, I've been able to get through to one of the owners almost immediately, and they have stuck with me until the problem was solved, including pronto shipping of replacement parts on one occasion.

-I get to sleep at night during a long cook of a brisket or pork shoulder.

-Very high capacity for the price.  Easily does 2 briskets or 4 pork butts, and I have managed 3 briskets or 6 butts at a time.

-My family and friends rave about the degree of smokiness, which as I state below, is less than I prefer.


CON: (only one)

I prefer the strong smokiness to my briskets and butts that I grew up with in the south.  I have put great effort into smoking techniques, different pellets, and mods on the Rec Tec, and have concluded that the flavor I am looking for is not possible on pellet smokers.  It is solely related to the fact that the heat and smoke are produced by a fan, and this fan rapidly pushes the smoke through the cooker and out the stack.  Trying to choke down the unit to get more smoke interferes with its inherent modus operandi. The "Xtreme Smoke" function does not provide significant improvement in smokiness, though seems to even out some of the temp differentials across the grill.


That being said, there are a few things that have gotten me closer to my goals on the Rec Tec (long slow cooks with brisket and butts):

-Presmoking for 4 hours with the A-Maz-N tube smoker (I put it over the upside-down heat deflector with the unit off and the drip pan removed, then reinstall drip pan and fire it up)

-Use 100% hickory pellets for the pre smoke and for the cook, until the bark is formed; then switch to cheaper Bear Mountain (alder base wood) pellets for the remainder of the cook.

-Start with cold meat

-Cook at 250 degrees using Xtreme Smoke

-I use a downdraft hood similar to the one commercially available, but saved $90 by fashioning it out of 3" venting from the hardware store (see below)

-Plot the temps at various locations and heights across the grill. There is no substitute for getting to know the peculiarities of your unit.  I've learned that with my setup, the heat gradient goes from hottest at the upper right rear of my unit to coolest at the lower left front of my unit.  The gradient is as much as 60 degrees and doesn't correspond to the temp that the RecTec probe shows. This is not a flaw, but a characteristic that it helps to understand.  Thus I orient my brisket with the point to the right, and the flat to the left.  I also cook with the fat side up to protect the brisket from the higher temps above.  Butts are much more forgiving, and I simply rotate them.


I would strongly recommend this cooker and this company, with the single caveat regarding smoke level.


Obviously, others may have different takes, but hope this helps.






Downdraft hood....


..made from cheap 3" ducting from hardware store


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Originally Posted by shtrdave View Post

There is a switch for the light to the right of the controller. The temp differential is something you will get used to and it will vary depending on where you put your maverick probe. The RT guys say the RT sensor is calibrated to read the temp in the center of the grill, so if doing a temp test put the probe directly in the middle. I usually put mine close to where I am cooking close the meat and if there is a big difference then I adjust the set temp to get the maverick to read what I want. Your temps will change through out the temp spectrum, or at least mine does it may start off lower than the RT but as temps go up it ends up the maverick ends up reading higher. 20° isn't so bad if you know about it and can make an adjustment to compensate.

for the lid if you want to seal it up this is where I got mine. I got the self adhesive 1/2x1/8x15 foot I believe and had enough to to do the lid and then some. a tip here is look at the ends of the lid where it closes against the barrel. notice the ends of barrel is raised you may want to try to keep the seal i a bit or something to compensate for the difference. I didn't and mine still leaks some but not so bad. mostly from the top and bottom of the lid. I picked up a Qt of acetone at work or you could get it at a paint store maybe even lowes to clean the lid of the smoke and grease before I put the seal on.

Look here for something that you would like to use.



It is a good piece of machinery, but with anything there are little things that will bug you, but then it is only a $1000.00 dollar thing and not a 3 or 4 thousand dollar Memphis, Mak or Cookshack.

Have fun make some great food and enjoy it, an Amazin Smoke tube from Todd is a great addition, and when ordering get some of the Qmatz from him I use them all the time.

Thanks 4 the link.

I got a traeger tx elite & I have a problem with the lid not wanting 2 completly seal.

Good Post.

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Amen to Frog's spiel about not fretting too much about precise temps.  If you relax and enjoy the cook, you'll want to cook more. If you cook more, you'll get to know your machine's peculiarities and how to adjust to get even better and more consistent results. And you just keep traveling around the circle of BBQ happiness. Check out the forums, and you'll find as many complaints about the $3000 machines as you find about the $1000 Rec Tec.

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I am wondering if you have had any issues with the interior glaze coming off your RecTec?  We got ours in May 2015, and just recently (December 2015) started having large areas of the interior glaze/paint peeling off and exposing metal that appears to be now forming rust.  I've not seen people post concerns about this.  I've reached out to the RecTec service folks, but was curious if this is something unusual or if it happens to all pellet grills.




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Great forum!  So helpful.  I'm new to smoking and looking to get a Rec Tec based on the reviews I have read and forums like this.  I currently have a Masterbuilt electric smoker and really haven't been pleased.  The unit works as advertised but I just don't like the taste.  Everyone says its good but I think they are just being nice.


I'm thinking cooking with wood (as a heat source as well as smoke) will give it the little something extra.  Long time ago I used to cook on a weber using charcoal and I know that would give the meat some flavor so I'm thinking its something similar but in a more convenient manner.


What I'm after in a REC TEC is both a grill and a smoker as I really don't want separate equipment taking up space in my backyard/garage.  It sounds like this unit can do hot dogs and hamburgers just as well as it does a brisket (obviously not at the same time).  Do you think its easy enough for the wife to turn on quickly if the kids want a few hot dogs?  I would assume regular grilling is between 350 - 450.  I realize it wouldn't be as quick as my gas grill to get to those temps but it sounds like (with a few exceptions) most are experiencing 15 min or less to get to those temps, correct?


Also, considering it requires to be plugged in - any issues using it in the rain?

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Temps of 350 - 400 are no problem. Gets up to 500 if needed. Grill grates will help with searing if you want that ability. It will take 15 minutes or better to get to those temps. I keep mine under cover, so have little experience with rain, but many use them in the rain. I think it's a good idea to protect the electronics a bit. Pellet smokers definitely have a milder smoke flavor than what some are used to. I think many people are used to over-smoked food, but that's another topic. You can supplement the smoke with a smoke tube (I use an amazen tube when I do ribs, butts and brisket). I suggest trying food cooked on a pellet grill before making the plunge.
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I love the huge pellet hopper easy to smoke all night , now the negative , right side a lot hotter then left side and no smoke at all. When I first got it the smoke was ok and the heat Fairly even, now after a few years both of those problems exist
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