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Hello from Hummelstown, Pa

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I'm Michael from Hummelstown, Pa - Right next to Hershey. I had a cheap Brinkmann barrel smoker for about 5 years. I believe it was the "smoke n pit". I moved it yesterday to clean it for the season and one of the legs broke off. So, I'm on the market for a new smoker. I have my sights on the Brinkmann Trailmaster LE. Seems like it is better construction and thicker steel than the one I had. I am open to similar suggestions - but the $299 price tag at Home Depot is a lot better to swallow than the $699 smoker at Bass Pro or $570 egg type ceramic smoker at Sam's Club.

I have Raichlen's Barbeque Bible and How to Grill, but disappointed that he doesn't really cover smoking from the fire box. Any suggestions?

I've enjoyed making brisket and pulled pork, but typically used it for basic grilling. I really want to try beer can chicken - which I was unable to fit them in the previous barrel smoker due to the space. I'd also like to try a turkey as well. Again, didn't have the space. Heating was also an issue with the "smoke n pit". Pork never seemed to cook through and using the fire box took too much fuel.

Open to suggestions on the grill - and will be looking forward to some advice on smoking in the future.

Other than developing a passion for using a smoker grill, I enjoy model trains, hiking, canoeing and camping. My wife and I live near Hershey with our 4 young children. I'm also an adult leader for a local Boy Scout Troop.
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Welcome Michael !!


Good to have you!!


I used to go to Hershey every year for the PA State High School Wrestling Finals, but haven't been there for years.


I can't help you on the smoker, because I'm a Watt Burner, but when you need it, I have a pile of Step by Steps that you can adjust to whatever smoker you get.



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Welcome to the SMF Family...There are quite a few PA guys around here and plenty of help. Do you have your heart set on burning Sticks of Charcoal? I would compare the similar models for fit and finish and metal guage. You want all the doors to seal as tight as possible. For those Offset smokers there is a pretty long learning curve and a bunch of mods you will need to make. These include, lowering the stack to the grate, sealing all the doors with oven gasket or high temp caulk, a Baffle to protect the meat closest to the fire box and Baffle plates to even out the temps across the width of the smoke chamber. If you plan to make a lot of poultry, these are a good choice as they get over 300°F for one step smoking and crispy skin. How mqny people do you plan to cook for? Below is some reading for you. If you have any questions, post them in the appropriate forum or PM the person that wrote any posts you read. Any subject you think of can be Searched. There are many answers to your questions...JJ

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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Hello Michael, glad you joined the group, Lots of great information on here, you need any help just ask, Bearcarver's step by step is great


Gary S

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