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First brisket on Yoder YS640

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Yesterday we had friends, neighbors and family over, this was my first ever brisket and first time smoking for a group since I got this back in March. I did an 11lb pork butt, 4 racks of baby backs and this 4.65lb brisket. I put the brisket on at 10:30pm Saturday night at 270* using hickory pellets. Wrapped at 165* and it finished at 5am Sunday. Being this was my first time I didn't want to do a packer since I had no idea how long this could take or turn out, plus I had to do ribs and finish the butt all by 2:30pm. I put in a cooler for 3 hours and then put in the fridge. Took it out an hour before guests were coming, sliced it, sauced it and put it back on the Yoder at 195* to re-heat. Very moist and tasted great. Thanks for looking.




used Oakridge BBQ Black Ops Brisket Rub



In the smoker


almost didn't get this picture, they were already lining up!

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Hello.  Looks Great!  Nice job.  Keep Smokin!


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Danny, thanks for the followup, it is appreciated. I wanted to do a packer but we had a real bad hail storm on the Thursday before Memorial Day and both Sam's Club and BJ's were both behind on deliveries so I called the local supermarket and took what they had. I am hoping my next one will be a packer. Again thanks for the PM.



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