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Newbie question

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I tried this post in another section. It didn't generate anything. Perhaps I placed it incorrectly:
I have recently moved to a location which is very close to the ocean. One of the disadvantages is that the salt air corrodes EVERYTHING. I need to protect my ECB and other utensils from corrosion. Ideas I use to protect ceiling fans, beach chairs, etc. are not suited to use on cooking surfaces. Neither are they recommended for heat intensive environments like grills or smokers. Need help and advise. What should I be using to protect my equipment?
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I have lived within 5-25 miles of the ocean for the last 25 years and never had to protect my ECB or utensils. How close are you to the ocean?

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I am right on the ocean. About 1000 feet.
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well that qualifies as close. Please add your location to your profile so we know where in the world you live! Welcome to SMF and maybe check with some of your neighbors or the local hardware store and they can probably point you in the right direction.

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