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Smoker temp stuck at 235, should I reduce 3-2-1

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Ribs have been cooking for 1+ hours at 235 and I cannot regulate temp down to 225..thoughts?? 

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Yes! Let them cook at 235. 225 is not a magic number. Your ribs will come out just as good at that temp. Relax take a deep breath everything will be alright ;-)
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Thank you!  I will step off the ledge now (1st smoker session, I'm definitely a rookie)...

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Ok now that your safely back on solid ground. Don't get all hung up on the so called perfect temps for smoking meat. There are a lot of different ways to smoke. I stay around 250 for my cooks but if it raises some to 275/280 or a little higher it will be OK. Just try and remember the fundamentals you've read here and there will be no problem. Are you planning on wrapping these ribs? What kind of smoker are you using?
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Yes, have an hour left on Step 3, and then am going to wrap ribs in foil for 2 hours with honey and brown sugar (Step 2)...  I am using WSM 18.2...

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OK well you have your plan of action together so that's the main thing. Just let it rude and they'll turn out fine. Remember to take some pics. NO PICS NEVER HAPPENED!
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Will take some pics, thanks again for the advice!

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No problem! Its what were all here for too help each other out.
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1st BATCH OF SMOKED RIBS!  It's going to take some practice for this Yankee.

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Looks good from here! As for the temperatures, I couldn't agree more with what Brooksy said. Great BBQ is a result of both time and temperature, and there is no magic number for either. I like to do ribs at 275˚. I smoke them until I like what I see, then I wrap for around 45 minutes, then I put them back on the grate to firm up and set the sauce if I'm using it. If my temperature goes down, my time goes up, and vice versa. The fun of this hobby is in the tinkering, experimenting and fussing over every last detail. We all have our own tried and true ways, at least until we find a new tried and true way. If there was one specific formula to it, it wouldn't be any fun.

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They look good to me!! The real question is how do they taste and are they tender enough for ya?
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!:Looks-Great: How did they turn out?? What did you use for smoke? 

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Thank you Kitt, they were better than expected. I didn't tell anyone at the party I brought them to, just set them on the table. Gone in minutes and people were raving about them. I used three pieces of maple wood from Maine. 3-2-1 method was great.
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Well now we got you through your first cook. What are you going to try next?
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Greiser , welcome. Your ribs looked good . As in everything else , practice makes it easier. Try a Butt next . A good , forgiving next challenge. :drool


Have a great time and most of all . . .

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Funny, you should ask: have a whole chicken, flat brisket and two rack of ribs slow cooking as we speak...I AM ADDICTED
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