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Pull behind propane smoker?

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I've been doing some searching for an affordable (under $1500) pull behind propane smoker 36-48 inch for family get togethers mostly. Anyone have any suggestions? I have also considered the possibility of modifying a regular propane pig cooker.
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Have you considered using a receiver hitch cargo carrier in the 500lb capacity weight range? I have used one to transport my Smoke Vault 24 on a like a charm...just can't access anything inside the rear hatch unless you unload the smoker first. I had also looked into trailer-mounted units, and a budget of $1,500.00 won't touch one around here, or anywhere I've found them online...found a stainless 48" trailer-mounted grill with a small (maybe 48" x 36") storage area up front for 9K...(are they kidding???)


Anyway, the receiver hitch cargo carrier will be my mode of smoker transport for a 700 mile R/T drive this summer for a gathering. I can't justify all the money for a trailer-mounted rig when it's something I'd only use (maybe) a few times per year...just me.




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