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Temp Won't Go Up

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I am a first time user (after seasoning of course) and I notice that my MB Cookmaster won't go higher than 150*. At first, I was using an extension cord, but subsequently read not to use an extension cord. I moved unit closer to the outlet, but the smoker still won't go over 150. I have the dial cranked up to High and it's been there for over 3 hours.  Could there be a problem with the thermometer? I have minimal smoke coming out from the door seem (which I know is normal). I took a peak an hour ago and the pork is cooking nicely. I just don't want to over cook it if the thermometer is bad.....


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We had that problem the first time we used our smoker. We contacted the company, and they were wonderful. They sent us a new element and a new cord immediately. You can email them and explain what your problem is. They are very good people to deal with. Good luck:)

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Put an oven thermometer in the unit for now, if you have one..... Stock therms are "usually" junk.... use a candy thermometer..... anything... Dave
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Yup what Dave said  Thumbs Up  Most of us monitor our smoker temp with a remote thermometer. I use a Maverick ET-732 & it works great - You can track smoker temp & meat temp at the same time with it...

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