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need help fast!!!

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i have 4lb brisket started at 6am its noe 10am at 225 it stalled at 161 and has even went down to 158 what do i do,  i uselly  foil at 170 with a bigger 6lb brisket

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Relax JK, everything is normal.


If you are going to foil you can foil any time a brisket stalls.  Temps dropping during the stall is absolutely normal.  The stall is meat sweating and that causes the temp drop.   


I foil as soon as I see the stall has started, which is indicated by a steady internal temp of 30 minutes or more and I'm above 145-150F.  I've seen some meats not stall until they were closer to 160F.  You are definitely in the stall so you can foil. 

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ok kool thnx ive just never seen a brisket drop temp or maybe it did and i missed it between checking on it its now in foil in the oven

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