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Rib question

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This might be a stupid question but..

Before I got a smoker I used to cook ribs in oven and I would wrap them in plastic wrap, then foil and they would turn out so tender. So my question is, after 2 hours of smoking what about wrapping in plastic wrap then foil and back in smoker?? Would that work and give a more tender rib?
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Alot of guys here myself included use the 3-2-1 method. 3hrs smoke 2hrs foiled and 1hr smoke. If u search there are tons of threads on this method
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I do that too. But I'm asking about plastic wrap inside the foil wrap ?
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Im not sure. Hopefully someone else can chime in. But I cant see how my ribs can get anymore tender after 2hrs foil with juice. Haha
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1)     Personally, I wouldn't use plastic wrap in a hot environment.  Who knows what chemicals are being released from that stuff.  Maybe I'm way off on that.


2)     About ribs being tender, typically, what "tender" is, is a persons opinion.  I prefer a little tug on my ribs, but that doesn't mean they not tender, they are.  The meat pulls clean off the bone.  I don't foil, ever.  I place them in the smoker, let them go for 4 hours and take a peek at that point.  When their done, their done.  No nonsense, no BS, just good, smoky ribs.  I feel that foiling makes them mushy, just like some restaurant chains ribs.........fall-off-the-bone, soupy and mushy, at least up here in Wisconsin.  I've learned to refrain from getting restaurant ribs because I am usually disappointed with them.  Sorry, I wandered of topic there.

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I agree with Scooter's first point, I would not use plastic wrap for fear of what might be released in the cook process.


I also agree that you can get good tender ribs without foiling; however, I do foil and never have I experienced mushy ribs.  With babybacks I use a modified 2-2-1 going 2 hours in the smoke 1.5 in the foil and 1.5 back in the smoke.  Good tender ribs that have a tug and are never mushy.


Good luck,



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Yeah I wouldn't use plastic wrap. I have a friend that uses oven bags in the smoker often. This works great and is made for hot environment.
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Bosox, you probably could use plastic wrap, but there really is no need to for ribs.   IF you want to steam/braise, just wrap in foil.

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Got it. Thanks guys. Just an idea I would float out there. Making ribs again Sunday. Can't wait 😜
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