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HELP! Power outage with BBQ in oven.

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Hi Everyone.

Yesterday I smoked a 6 lb pork shoulder and a 6.5 lb brisket at 225 for about 7 hours. Used an electric Bradley smoker.
Pork was at 165 and brisket at 168 when I removed from smoker.

Took meat and covered each in foil and placed in oven at 225 to cook all night. It was cooking away in the oven for 2 hours before I went to bed.

Woke up this morning at 430 to pull pork and noticed that the power had flickered and the oven was off. I pulled out the pork, opened the foil and it was steaming and warm to the touch. In my pending panic attack, I didn't think to check temperatures. I just turned the oven back on.

At the most, the oven could have been off for 6 hours.

If I leave the meat in the oven for 5-6 hours today until the meat reaches 190, do you guys think it will be ok to eat?

I'm fairly new to smoking and bbq but this website has been such a great resource.

Thanks in advance!

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If it did not fall below 140° it should be OK.
Safe handling says when it falls below 140 cool quickly to 40° to be safe.
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Not sure what to tell ya safety wise there, maybe some of these other folks will jump in here ! IMHO, if I were you.... I'd get a good wireless therm with a transmitter that allows ya to have the unit with ya to keep track of your IT ! A lot of therms ya can set it up to where it will alert ya if the temp or IT is gettin to high or to low ! Just my 2 cents !
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It is fine. It had gotten to 165°, was foiled and went in the oven, the bacteria is dead. Being covered, and still steaming when you checked it is a good indication it was still over 140°. There was no opportunity for contamination, unless you sneezed on it or poked at it with dirty fingers. Finish the cook and enjoy the meat...JJ

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