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I'm going to second the motion to get an AMNPS or AMNTS -- actually just got my AMNTS delivered yesterday.  The reason I got it was because of something I didn't notice on my first run, but as I'm learning more I saw that I am having an issue getting consistent smoke, especially at lower temperatures.  The chips only get lit when the element is on, and with the 1200 element, it ain't on long.  If you don't notice your chips are about to go out before it cycles on, you may refresh them after it turns off.  And then you end up waiting for it to turn back on before they light. 


I'm also never sure when I have the right amount of smoke, and they whole reason I bought the MES was simplicity.  The AMNTS/AMNPS should make the amount of smoke a non-issue from what I hear.  It delivered fast, their pellets are cheap too.

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I just knew that this was the place for me! Been on the board exactly 5 hours and already some of the questions my husband and I had have been answered on this thread! We have a MES (as I see it's called) and I see from some of the post that we need a good thermometer. Now I understand why our first chicken wasn't quite done even though the probe said it was!.
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Welcome to SMF mrslinda, stop by roll call an let every one know, a little about you and your husband. where are yous from what type of smoker, it all helps if you have any questions.


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Hi Richie...
I did post just a short intro yesterday on roll call. Both my hubby and I are retired. Live in NY but have a home here in PA. This is where we do the smoking! Looking forward to meeting people and learning more about smoking!
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