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Google brought me here many times. Decided to join! [Virginia]

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Name is Tim and my experience with smokers, well... I'd say about 36 hours.  32 years old, work in IT.  Live in Virginia with my fiance and for my last birthday she generously got me a Masterbuilt electric analog smoker.  Nothing fancy, no glass, 4 racks.  As the title says, I have been using Google a lot this past weekend and a lot of my answers were from here.  Started my first smoke (8lb boston butt) at 9am yesterday, and well... It's still going.  I'll save all that for another thread.


Outside of eating delicious food, my main hobbies are video games, movies, and the occasional cigar / scotch, and riding my motorcycle (when there has been no scotch or beer).


Looking forward to learning some new things from you all.

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Hello Tim and welcome to the site, be sure and let us know how that butt turns out.


Gary S

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Thank you Gary!  I will, posted a thread about it since I'm a little worried about the progress.

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Welcome Slim!


You will find everything you need here!!  Recipes, tips, tricks, and a vast array of knowledge.


I have been a frequent poster on this site for the last several years but, alas, my job is interfering with my hobby these days.


I still smoke the occasional rack of ribs or a pork butt or two but not like I used to.


I am also in Virginia and in IT/IS.


Be sure you give us lots of Q-view!!!!


Glad you joined us!



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