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Boston butts

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Today was our unit family day and guess who got voluntold to barbecue. Put these in at 1800 last night.

Foiled and put in the oven at midnight. This is what's left.

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Looks like they liked it :sausage:  Congrats on a job well done

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Not to toot my own horn, but I even had people who hate smoked meat tell me it was delicious.
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I bet you had some happy families man  :icon_mrgreen:  Nice job  thumb1.gif

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Nice job SG, very nice ! icon14.gif
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Nice job.............
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What's going on Gunny, you buckin for another rocker?


All that good chow you'll have to pull extra PT.


Obviously you did an excellent job. Grats!

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Nicely done Gunny...what's left looks delicious!  "Voluntold"...that's a great word right there!  :biggrin:  I have quite a lot of experience with voluntelling...:wife:



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I'll find out in December if I got selected.
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