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Getting it all ready at the same time

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Cooking Pork Butt, Baby back ribs and chicken for a party this Saturday. My big concern is the timing. Party is 4 pm. I plan on lighting the smoker( Lang 60 patio ) at 5 am and have the Butt on by 5:30.and cook at 220 until about 1PM and let it rest for 3 hours. Probably start the ribs at same temp at 11am. and around 2 PM wrap them and place in the oven at 225 for another 2 hours.when I pull the ribs crank the pit up to 350 for the chicken ( Leg Quarters ) . Once the Chicken is done add the ribs back to the smoker for Sauce. Looking for flaws in my plan.. Any suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated.






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I think you're pushing your luck hoping the butt will be done in that time frame. What size is these butt? I would say cook the butt the night before and then reheat day of. Butts are notorious for not being done when your on a time schedule
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I agree with Brooksy , Put your Butt in for 1.5hrs. per pound then add 3 to 4 hrs. before serve time. Double wrapped in Plastic Wrap and Foil it will hold in a cooler and tenderizemore , for several hours before having to re-heat the Butt. Use Soflaquer's finishing sauce to give it that Carolina flavor.


Have fun and . . .

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Loan Angler, how big is the butt ?

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The Butt weighs about 8 pounds.

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I would figger 12 to 16 hours for that butt.  It wants a minimum of one to two hours rest wrapped in towels in an empty cooler.  Then pulling time, too.


When doing my mise, I try to identify the longest cooking item?  Then I time my other items back from the longest point.


When smoking, your cooking times are not always known going in.  Because of that, I like sides that can be prepared and hold well in case the meat takes longer than I planned.


Just one guy's thoughts.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I appreciate the feedback. I cooked a Butt a few weeks back about the same size that took 8 hours and I let it rest 4. Wrapped in plastic . a towel and a blanket in my ice chest. Maybe it was a flook that it cooked that fast but that is what I am gauging my time on so the advice is very helpful. The only other Butt I cooked was at a cooking class when I picked up my Smoker. I will probably set the alarm for 3 am to get the time I need. I don't have time to start this the day before.


Last time I smoked the Butt until 160 degrees and then wrapped in foil and continued to cook to 200 degrees then wrapped as stated previously. More by temp than time. 


Suggestions please!!


Thanks Again,



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Just let us know how it works out for you either way. Hopefully it will all work out as expected. Make sure you show us some qview!
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Party is Saturday. Pics will be posted Sunday..

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Pork But getting ready to wrap. I learned my lesson. If I cant get the full time I need I will pass next time. Pulled pork turned into chopped pork. Still had great flavor but needed more time.



Ribs came out perfect.


No pics if the chicken or sausage ( we made sausage from a pork butt ) which was pretty tasty.




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Just saw this... Looks good man. Sorry it didn't work out as planned but at least now you know for sure - you can't rush a good smoke... I try to plan for extra time just in case. Enjoy your next smoke  :beercheer:

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All looks great ! Sounds like all was good except the butt...... Them things can be stubborned ! Give it another try & you'll nail it ! icon14.gif
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Ain't nothing wrong with chopped pork! Big question is was everyone happy? Cause in the end that is all that matters.
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Been there Loan Anger, and yeah, it sucks.



For future reference, check the butt temps 2-3 hours before your chosen serving time and if the butt isn't close to ready, wrap it in foil and jack the temp up.  Go to 350 if you have to.   If you have other stuff on your smoker, then take the butt off and throw it in the oven if possible.

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Everyone said it was great but you know how that goes. It was free.......LOL  Cant send it back to the kitchen. Just ran outta time and got caught with no time . Thanks Guys,



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So a pork Butt temp Question. What temp if you have only 30 minutes rest time?


What temp when you have a 2 hour rest time? 

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Originally Posted by Loan Angler View Post

So a pork Butt temp Question. What temp if you have only 30 minutes rest time?


What temp when you have a 2 hour rest time?



If I'm understanding your question correctly, you take it to the same temp/doneness regardless of the amount of rest time.

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