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Reverse flow smoker

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Does anyone know where i can buy a reverse flow smoker ? there doesn't seen to be many out there, and you guys could help it would be great. looking for arould 300

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300 gallon or $300...... where are you located..... a location in your profile will help with all kinds of answers.... Dave
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Sorry I'm from little Rhode island and looking around $300
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OK eastern members..... Help 401 out if you can......

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My best thought on this is either go with a Brinkman Type and use the Charcoal as the Baffle . OR spend more than the $300 for a good Smoker like Horizon(at Bass Pro Shops).


A bit of thought to chew on is " Get a size BIGGER than you need ; you'll be glad you did. i.e.-

this 20" by 36" was too small for my Parties...



 Soooo, I got this one...



and this one for crisping the skin on Chicken...:drool


I can now cook up to 150lbs. or so , and keep it warm or Smoke cooler on the Verticle side..


Have fun and . . .

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