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Glad to hear you are getting close to TBS. At least now you know what went wrong.

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Repairs all done, and I've been itching to smoke, just haven't had the time, and haven't gotten a deer yet this year.


Called the local meat market and I'm picking up a ham and some stocking material today!


Got a 12# Bird thawing in the shop fridge. My goal is to start the brine on the Bird Thursday morning, and hang the Bird and Ham in the smoker Friday for an Evening Meal with family.


Gonna use Pops Brine with the added 2 Lemons and 2 Limes just like before.


Then I have a personal brown sugar rub recipe that we tried and tweaked all last summer, that will go on both ham and bird.


Will post pics as we go.

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5 hours in, IT 168* in the breast.
Ham came out with an awesome glaze and killer flavor, my boy didn't want to share..
Bird had a nice thick smoke ring.
Forgot to get pics after letting it rest, we pretty much inhaled it that night.
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Great job! Lovin the smoker :biggrin:

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                                                                                  Waiting for finish shots.

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Awesome build!!  Sux for the re-build but at least you learned what went wrong and no one got hurt! Great looking que too!


Your design is kind of what I'm interested in building. 


On your smoke chamber, did you make a sandwich of plywood x foam board x plywood (interior x center x exterior)?

How about for your firebox? Did you sandwich that as well?  

Did you glue between sandwiches?


How big is your firebox?  


How thick of plywood did you end up using?


Is their any portion of your build that you would change?


Do you think you'll keep this smoker as a charcoal burner?  Do you think you could keep the temps down around 200 or less burning charcoal?


Thanks for sharing!!

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I first built the frame from 2x4 lumber, then enclosed the smoke chamber with 1/2" plywood and sealed it up. I then lined the firebox area with 1/2" Duroc instead of plywood.
Then I sandwiched 2 layers of insulation board in the frame cavities, the outer shell is 1/8" finish plywood.

My cook chamber is 17" wide and 22" deep and about 4' tall.
The firebox is the same but only 20" tall.

As for changes, I'm going to line the bottom of the cook chamber with some stainless flashing and install a permanent drip pan similar to what you see in a reverse flow smoker with a drain going out the back where I can sit a bucket on the ground to catch it.

As for temp, less coals = less heat, it maintains well and with she sliding door it's easy to add coal without affecting heat much.

I really do like the double doors. And I'll probably end up going with the stainless wire shelf system from menards or lowes this summer.
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Oh forgot to mention, get a GOOD temp gauge, been through 3 from walmart on the door and none of them accurate to suit me.
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Thanks for the update!  I like the idea of a permanent drip pan.  That sounds like the way to go!  


I understand what you're saying about thermometers.  Aside from smoking meat, I make cheese and brew beer both which require an accurate thermometer.  A good thermometer is worth it's weight in Gold!

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