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Stuffed Pork Loin - best to date!!

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We purchased some new BBQ sauces and wanted to give one a try this weekend, what better way to test one out than on a stuffed pork loin. 


I let the pork loin soak overnight in the MH Pork Brine.  Next day was to filet it out and get it stuffed.  Went with one of our favorite stuffing combinations - for the inside I seasoned with Tatonka Dust, prepared cooled stuffing, sliced sweet peppers, and thick cut horseradish cheese. 



Rolled up and wrapped with bacon and secured with grilling bands and seasoned the outside with more Tatonka Dust.  Cooked indirect on the BGE at 275°



Added a hash-brown casserole I had in the freezer onto the BGE as well.



Towards the end of the cooking time I basted it with the BBQ sauce.  We used Chile Slinger BBQ - Chipotle BBQ Sauce.  This is some of the best BBQ sauce we have had.  We are not a huge BBQ sauce fan but I thought this was great!!!



Plated up with the sides.



Money shot, love when they come out this great!!  Pulled the pork loin at 145° and let rest 15 mins. before slicing.


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Nice smoke, looks real tender & juicy... Great job ! icon14.gif
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That looks very good. Nice and juicy!
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