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MES 30 problems.... HELP!!

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I started smoking a few months ago, using my fathers MES 30. I am unsure of the model no., but I know he bought it at Cabelas around 3 years ago, and it has the windows and remote. So far, I have done, two Boston Butts, ribs, and a Brisket. None were short of spectacular. My wife saw that the MES 30 was on sale at lowes yesterday and brought it home as a surprise for me. What a lovely gift! I put it together, seasoned it, and ran to Sam's to get a Boston Butt. Put it in around midnight last night. Everything was good until around 8 AM. I was up every hour until then adding chips, smoke looked great. Had the temp set at 225 on my Maverick ET733. Although, I had the Smoker temp set to 255, it held temp +/- 4 degrees. When it hit 165 this morning around 8 am, I foiled, and bumped the temp to 240 on my Mav ET733 (also increased temp on smoker). The MES went haywire. After resetting the control panel as per the instructions, I I now have it set at 240 on the MES. According to my MAV it is fluctuating between 218-262. The only thing different is I stopped adding chips after foiling. I've done the same procedure with my dad's smoker and have never had any problems. This is the same Mav ET733 I have used for all my smokes too. Any suggestions as to why this is happening?? Do I have a lemon MES? Should I pull it no put it in the oven??

Thanks all for your advice in advance!!
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Add gravel or sand to the water pan for thermal mass.... that will slow the temp swings... Temp swings aren't a problem.... your kitchen oven has temp swings also....
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