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Temp Controllers?

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Been looking to get a simple temp controller, just want something that will make it easier to get away from the smoker for an hour or two here and there or for the occasional all night cook. Dont get me wrong, part of the enjoyment of cooking on the smoker is the relaxing wait and tending the fire but there are times I want the bbq flavor but dont have the time to dedicate to a full on cook. Right now I have a reverse flow stick burner but may be looking to build a UDS as well.


Been looking at the iQ110, wondering about specific reviews on it but suggestions on what others are using as well. Really just need the temp control, the unit wouldnt have to probe the meat.

Thanks all!

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I have a bbq guru with two fans and love it. Use it on an insulated fridge and firebox. Used it a few weeks ago for an all night cook. Set it at 235 and held it within 5 degrees for 18 hours using only 1 20lb bag of charcoal and a bag of wood chunks.
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I use the 110 and it works great. Inexpensive and reliable.
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