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What smoking method should I use?

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What method would be preferred in this type of  smoker?


Should I use charcoal with chunks of wood?

Or wood with wood?

Or Chips?


I like the idea of wood to get a good coal base then use chunks for the smoke factor. 


I also like the idea of keeping it old school with wood on wood.


Opinions would be greatly appreciated! 


Thank you!


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Try them all! Though you should probably maintain the fire by stoking fuel that's already lit, especially if you're using any briquettes. Stoking with raw (not green) wood will work, but you'll have a much stronger smoke flavor, possibly too much.

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I recently tried it with chips. I got a good coal base going and got it up to temp, then added some soaked apple chips. I only smoked some string cheese but it turned out delicious! But it was a quick smoke. I was getting thick white smoke out of the top.


And what do you mean by fuel thats already lit? Start a fire and throw coals in there?

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Thick white smoke is ok for a quick smoke but is a sign of a poorly burning fire and will leave a nasty tasting creosote on the meat. What wood you burn is based on availability. If you can get tons of Hickory or Fruit Wood cheap or free, burn 100% Hickory. If not build the fine with what ever hard wood you can get, say Oak, and flavor the meat with what you like the taste of. Read this info...JJ

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His operation is for an offset smoker. Im assuming the techniques are very simiilar.


I may just need a bit more of a coal base to accommodate for a bigger fire box. 


Are chips not really practical for this type of smoking? Or would you use a cast iron skillet or something? 


The soaking wet chips seems to be too much and it kills my temp. Granted i did throw the whole bag on at once. Not just little handfuls.

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