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ECB modified to mimic a WSM

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I recently bought a new, assembled but never used ECB (Dos Equis version) for $30 on Craigslist. I modified to get the results I wanted. I looked thru this forum and made a trip to Ace to look at WSM 22.5 for ideas. Below is what I did.
Started by turning the legs to the outside, and putting legs on the charcoal pan, 3/8 X 24 threaded rod cut to three lengths. I added three small L-brackets to the inside of the charcoal pan to set a grate on for the charcoal, to give air flow in the pan. The placement of the grate sits about 1.5in below the top of pan, setting up the ability to use the minion method. I used a 1in hole saw to cut four holes in the bottom of the pan to provide airflow as needed. These holes can be plugged with push in buttons to control air flow. In the dome, cut four 1in holes as I did in the pan. These can also be plugged as needed, and keep stale smoke from staying in the cover. I also put a real thermometer in the dome. It sits just a couple inches off of the top grate, so it gives a very accurate temp reading as opposed to those in the top of the dome. I want to better seal the dome to the body. This will get more of the smoke across the top of the meat. I also want to move the water pan up, but will have figure a way to get water in the pan since it will be at the top of the access door. But this will provide needed room between the charcoal grate and water pan.
I used this smoker last weekend along side my newly acquired 22.5 WSM, it worked great for what it is. Probably could have cut two or three holes in the pan and dome. But they can be plugged, so it's not a big issue. Below is a link to my post comparing the ECB and WSM.
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Charcoal pan with legs and holes for air flow.
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Charcoal pan with grate. I added another grate perpendicular to this to keep the lump charcoal from falling thru.
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Dome with holes plugged.
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Real temperature gauge, not the warm, ideal, hot that came with it.
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The initial cure burn in.
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Why plug the vents on the top? Wide open upper vent produces better air flow and thin blue smoke. Use your lower vents to control heat. May take a few more mods for that.

With that said get a smoking and show off your meat!
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I need to experiment with the plugs. I had one of the holes open this weekend in the dome. A lot of smoke escaped where the dome sits on the body, and doesn't get to the meat. I have to look for some material that is food safe to seal it. Someone posted on smf that he had done that, not sure what he used. Below are the ribs, thighs and baked potatoes as I was pulling them off this weekend.

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You really want good air flow. Letting smoke escape is fine, especially if it is grey or white smoke. You really want thin blue smoke whisping past your meat for the best flavor. The smoke in this picture is blue. And at that particular moment a bit thick as it was just getting going. When it thins out it is almost not detectable, but is still there.





Here's a link with a mod for sealing the lid/base:

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