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SO they are Pork shoulder Boston Butt, I thought it was one large butt per package but looking closer, each has two Butt. Total of 4 Butt each about 8 lbs. So I'm guessing about 12-14 hours of smoke time at 220 - 250 Thoughts . Thanks











It depends on what temp you decide to cook at.   If you go with 225, I'd go closer to 16 hours if possible just to give yourself some wiggle room so to speak.   If they finish early, don't sweat it, just double wrap in foil and let them rest in a towel lined cooler.   That or heat your oven to about 200 or so, turn it off and let the butts rest in there.    After the butts have rested a spell, then start pulling them.


It's better to have your butts finish early than to have a bunch of people waiting for a stubborn butt to decide that it's finally ready.

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Don't be afraid to run just below 250. If you have no/low sugar in your rub you can run it up higher than that.


Best of luck and post pics of the cook.

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I sure will post pics :) I'm taking the safe route and going to start the smoking Friday afternoon. 

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