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I'm way late to this party but I did a search for country style pork ribs just to see what folks here have been doing. I'll be smoking some tomorrow! Got 'em for a buck fitty a pound.


TG81, I use Sweet /baby Ray's as my base too. I use the regular original, cider vinegar and Texas Pete. That is a general combo I learned from the late Wilbur Hardee. I worked for a metal fabricator back in the 80's and 90's and we were making a prototype vertical stainless steel smoker for his venture at the time called BBQ USA. He came to the shop to test drive it and went to the grocery store around the corner and bought some chickens, store brand basic bottled BBQ sauce, cider vinegar and cheap hot sauce. I said to him, "wow, no special "Hardee" sauce or anything"? He said "son, this is all you need and everyone will love it every time."


After a couple of decades making all kinds of version of my own concoctions with varying results; one day, that day on the loading dock with Wilbur Hardee testing the prototype smoker popped in to my mind. I had forgotten all about it because at the time I was young and didn't really have the passion for cooking I do now. I have been using the mixture I described above ever since. Never a fail and always fantastic!


Thanks for your thread!

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I love CSR's. I took mine off at 2 hours of 260* and put them in a pan with a good amount of Jeff's sauce, apple juice and honey. (Approx. 2parts, 1 part and 1 part.) Went with that for another hour covered in foil and they turned out really great. Give that a try. Good luck, Joe.
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I've always been a fan of csribs on the grill, but haven't tried them yet in the smoker, for some reason. They're still reasonably priced around here usually. Looks like I'm putting them on the short list of things to try! Those cake balls look nice, texasgal, but baking isn't exactly my forte.. Maybe I could print off the recipe and leave it lying around where the Mrs. can find it and hope for the best ;)
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