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Stupid Me

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Got an Oklahoma Joe Longhorn pit smoker a couple of weeks ago and sealed it up real nice, lowered the smoke stack, and seasoned it real good. First cook was ok but not the best. Three cooks after i still struggled to keep temp above 215 or so. I was running exaust and intake wide open but just couldn't get the darn thing to hold hot at all.

Stupid me realized the problem 3/4 of the way through my cook today.

I had a square grill wok i got a lowes a couple of years ago that i had always used in the bottom of my ECB door cabinet smoker.

I had put that woke inside the firebox of the Ok Joe on top of the fire rack. I was so used to building a fire in that, that i stuck it in without even thinking twice.

After i realized what i'd done i dumped all my coals and hickory chunks on the fire rack.

The temps immediately jumped from 210 to 265 and held between 260 and 280 for the next 3 hours without touching a thing..

Sometimes we make things harder than it reslly is!!!!
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Hello.  The trial and error way still works!  Keep Smokin!


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