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I cant seem to find tri tip here.


I was in Walmart the other week and I seen something that looked like it.  It had tri tip in the name but I cant remember what it was called.


Does anyone buy it at Walmart?

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That's the only place to find it here. They used to be cheap as ground chuck, but they are up around $5-6/# now. I miss being in California, they were common and they even came in different marinades.
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Where are you located? So far that's the only place I think I found it.
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I've found Tri-Tips here at King Soopers (a.k.a Kroger) it wasn't cheap if I remember right. I have also found Tri-Tip steaks at Sam's club.

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Haven't looked at sams.
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The problem with Tri-tips is that they are not well known or "in demand".  My local store has handled them with not much response to them sold whole.  Even being cut into steaks, there is not much demand.  Folks just are not familiar with them and that's unfortunate. Those of us that have bought them, know it's a great cut of beef that is cut from the bottom sirloin sub-primal area of the animal.  I don't know what other name it's called even though I was in the buisness for over 35 years.  If you see one, buy one, you wont be disappointed.  Make sure you cut against the grain when done. Reinhard

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Thanks man. I will get one.
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Medium rare is the key also. Reinhard

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I would have to go to med. at least.
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So far the only tri-tips I can find near me are $10.99 per lb! They call them "sirloin tri-tip". Still trying to find pork belly also....    :th_crybaby2:

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That might be what it was called. Sirloin tri tip. It wasn't that much thou.
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