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Need a little help

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Need a little advice on a brisket. Myself and a friend have a competition this weekend( first one) Pretty familiar with all the other meats, just need a little brisket advice. Have never cooked a "packer" brisket just flats. Picked up a 13lb. Brisket from SAMs and have a few questions:
Ballpark on how many hours it will take to cook?
Marinate or inject?
Fat side up or down?
Do I need to square it up or just trim some fat off?
I'm cooking on a Brinkmann trailmaster le offset, am probably going to run around 230-250deg. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Look at the post in the link below - I posted step by step on what I've done to get a great brisket. - this one was a 12.4 lb packer - so pretty close to yours.


I always do packers - I love the great differences in the two muscles.


I estimate my cooking time at 1.6 hrs. per pound plus 2 hours for a temp around 225F - but the internal temp is what tells you when to truly pull it out.


I just dry rub with a little plain old yellow mustard to help the rub stick.


I cook fat side up - the fat rendering drips through the meat adding great flavors.


Look at the trimming I how in the thread I posted.


be patient - and let it get to temp - often you will get a stall where it sits for a long time and the temp does not rise much - hang in there - it will get past the stall.


Have fun and enjoy!

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