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Need some help

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Fellow quer's I need your help again. you all were kind enough to help me with a phrase for my bbq team. I am building a custom table next weekend that will house a mini fridge and storage drawers to keep my competition site a little more organized. The table will also be used as a prep table. I plan on having my team logo on top with plexiglass over to protect it. 



Here is what I had one of my members come up with. This will be under the plexiglass on top of the table. Got lucky and he does this for a living. Does a lot of the artwork for the US olympic teams. someone on here came up with the "Butts & Balls" but need something else other than the Tee'd up & Smok'n phrase.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Smoking for show, tasting for dough.


Like the golfer saying goes "driving for show, putting for the dough"


maybe you can make something out of it?

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a picture of a smoked butt with the phrase "Grip it and Rip it" ... (shoulder shrugs)...
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No Mulligan's Needed!

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Thumbs Up I like it the way it is.


Maybe have "Tee'd-up & Smoke'n!" just on the bottom going straight across?

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