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Foiling temperature

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What temperature would you say is best to foil a brisket at?
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155* area.

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for me.... at the stall (165ish) ...
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I do mine at 160 usually

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Foil? Foil! We don't need no stinkin foil!



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Ooooh, wrap, no wrap, them fight'n words!  :grilling_smilie:


What works for me is low n' slow until it stalls.  Wrap, then crank temp up to 275F.  A 9-10 lb'er will be off the smoker in about 6 hours with an IT of 200F.  Rest a couple hours.  Serve.  Smaller ones get done much quicker.  Still juicy and tender, even the leftovers.


Be sure to save the juices in the wrap.  Cool overnight in the fridge.  Scrape off the fat and reheat the gelatin to use as jus.      

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All ^^^ good advise has been given.

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