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New help picking my new smoker

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I need help picking out my new smoker as I am doing more for our church and fund raising.  I use the one I have which is a Char-Griller 6719 Series Kamado Charcoal Grill and can cook 35lb of Boston Butts at a time.  I also have learned to adjust the heat to stay at 225 to 250 for 16 to 18 hours without having to add any more wood.  During the year I will be cooking for small groups, 10 to 12 people and then a couple times a year will be cooking for 75 to 150 people.  I have been looking at the Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Charcoal Smoker and Grill


Two of the big keys I am looking for in a new smoker is more cooking area and being able to hold a temp for a longer time.  I do not want to have to get up every couple hours during the night to adjust.  I know any smoker I may have to do a few modifications.  I would be looking to spend $500.00 to $1000.00.  I have a gas grill which I use for other times.


I would prefer not to be using a pelet grill as I like using the chunk wood or chunk charcoal. 



A second option I could just go and buy a second Kamado and use 2 at a time.  

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Hello.  I chose option 2.  Just makes sense.  Why fire up a monster each time you want to cook a meal?  Use the 1 as normal and for the odd occasion fire up the number 2.  Just my 2 cents.  Keep Smokin!


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Either option would be okay, but you probably would have to modify the Brinkmann, so option two makes more sense. Use one most of the time and when cooking for a crowd, fire them both up. Unless you just plain want a large smoker with an offset firebox. In that case, tell everybody to go to hell and get the Binkmann.

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Two Kamados are twice the fun as One! yea pick out  one you really like ... Sams has a Visions classic on sale ....right in your budget!

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