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Where did I go wrong?

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This was my first attempt in my new Masterbuilt electric smoker.     Pork Butt was in the smoker by 7am.    It was small,  only 3.5 pounds.     IT at 160,   I wrapped it in foil.    Seemed to reach it's plateau at 180,  as it sat there for about 45 minutes.    When the IT reached 204,  I checked other areas and they were at 207.     Took it out of the smoker,  double wrapped it in foil and towels,  then threw it in the cooler.     2 hours later,   it is no where near ready to pull apart.    It is now in the crock pot cooking.     However,   the chunks I did manage to break off it are mighty tasty.     But what did I do wrong?    

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If you verified the IT with the masterbuilt meat therm that may be the problem. They tend to be way off.
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Thanx, that's a start. I even thougt of getting my other thermometer, but didn't. It'll have to wit for next time. I have it jh the crock right now with a little sweet baby rays, and boy is it good.
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Always test a new thermometer then test them once in awhile just to make sure they are still accurate. Easy way to test is with boiling water.

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What temperature was the box, not the IT of the meat, the cooking temp? Also anytime you have a doubt, use a toothpick on the meat to check tender before pulling.

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