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how long? how hot?

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Sausage how long and how hot if you throw some on the smoker. Well really how long because I'm going to have chicken going too
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Normally between 1 and 2 hours if your talking store bought sausage depending on thickness and smoking in the 225 range

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Yeah like some hillshire farm or Italian sausage from store. So 2 hours and it will def be edible?
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Yes prolly more like hour and a half at around 225

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Most store bought is all pre-cooked if you check, so you can feel safe at any temperature.


 So pull it when you are happy with it.  I usually just throw it in and cook it while the chicken cooks. And usually at least one link disappears while cooking, much like the hot fries from the drive thru or the hot loaf of bread from the grocery does on the way home.


I blame mice, although I have yet to see one in the car!

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What about some Italian that's not pre cooked? Check the arm rest for the mice
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Then Pineywoods had ya, I think the IT is either 150 or 155 for sausage. Sausage cooks fast so you'll not have problems.

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If the Italian sausage is "fresh" and not cooked, another way to prepare them is to simmer them in a combo of onions and beer.  Just cut up some onions and put them in a pan.  Then put your Italian in the pan.  Pour some beer in there until the level is close to covering the Italian.  Simmer for 20 minutes or so and then you can put them by the chicken when the chicken is just about done.  This gives the Italian a nice grill finish. Reinhard

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I grill sausage all the time just wondering with a smoker. When you talk about simmering in a pan do you mean on the smoker?
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I usually simmer fresh polish or fresh brats in beer and onions on top of the stove and then move them to the grill.  Foam and Pineywoods got it right as far as their methods also.  Once the internal is around 155 they are good to go.  Reinhard

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Nice looking. I think my try them in the on the smoker in beer peppers and onions
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