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Firs time trying baby backs on the Weber Performer w/ qview. Experimenting with the snake method.

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Well I got a good deal on some baby backs and the Rangers playoff game started at noon so I figured let's try the minion/snake method in my weber. Only have done hot and fast smokes on the weber so far so I am entering unchartered territory here. So here are the ribs with my sweet and spicy rib rub.

And here is my set up.... Alternated hickory and apple chunks.

Got my ribs on and I was running around 250 with nice TBS.

Be back with more! Wish me luck!
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You'll do great man, them ribs are gonna be real tasty ! icon14.gif
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Originally Posted by WaterinHoleBrew View Post

You'll do great man, them ribs are gonna be real tasty ! icon14.gif

Thanks for the vote of confidence! So far so good. Been holding about 240 for 2.5 hours.
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Well they have been on a little less than 3 hours so I decided to make a spritz with 3 parts apple juice to 1 part Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon.

Ribs are looking good...

I'll be back!
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Lookin great man, can't beat ribs & bourbon ! biggrin.gif
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So my snake died at about 6:30. Maybe I should have made it longer. Temp was hovering around 200 and I'm getting hungry. But still, 5.5 hours with constant temps and nice blue smoke is pretty darn good. I have to fiddle with my propane smoker more! So they are going into a 260ish oven to finish. I will continue to spritz one rack and brush the other with sauce (got to keep the lady happy) until
The bend test confirms they are done. Here they are off the Weber..
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So the ribs took about 6 hours total to pass the bend test...but the tenderness was right where I wanted it. Take a bite with barely any resistance but not floppy/mushy and falling off the bone. They had a slightly hammy taste to them which was not a bad thing. I have read about this on SMF and the ribs I bought were packed with a salt and water solution added. Basically a brine so that can explain it. Nonetheless, I was so happy with my results for the first time smoking on a kettle and with charcoal. Here are some pics..

My dad's going to be happy when I give him the leftovers! Thanks for looking!
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Looks good I have yet to make ribs I really like im pretty good with pulled pork and brisket but ribs havent been up to par icon14.gif
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Turned out great, nice smoke !
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That looks enormous, fantastic, and delicious!!! Great job! Cheers! - Leah

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Good looking ribsThumbs Up

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Delicious looking ribs! Great job!
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Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Really have a great time smoking. I am so deep into the addiction now that I think about it all day haha.
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Looking good, think I will have to do some ribs this weekend.

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Those look amazing OP! I just picked up a Performer last week and I am in love. I also have a Genesis gas grill and an 18" WSM. I wanted something I can make steaks and chicken on with charcoal so the Performer looked like it fit the bill. It's a wonderful little tool. Other than blackening up the outside of my ribs and chicken last night, I haven't touched the gas grill and my WSM is downstairs in trash bags overwintering :)


Here are my results, and my first post here, cool place ya'll got! (Crossposted from another forum I frequent, I hope that's alright)


So I have a Smokey Mountain and I do <3 it, however after these results tonight... I think this Performer Platinum has singlehandedly supplanted both by gas grill AND my smoker. I set it up fairly simply, I used the charcoal baskets off to both sides of the cooker. One basket was primarily for heat, the other primarily for smoke. Temps were 240 to 275, it's a very windy day today so I was amazed it kept a stable temp as much as it did. I know that swing doesn't seem very stable but just opening the lid to put more wood chunks would get the charcoal going pretty good again. So anyway, homemade sauce, Magic Dust rub from Virtual Weber Bullet, 4 hours on the spares, 3 hours on the baby backs. If I'm being honest, the spares needed 30 more minutes and the baby backs another full hour. They were still great, I've never gotten a smoke ring like this before. Chicken was in for about 90 minutes total, it was good as is customary with smoked yard bird.


About 3/4 of the way through:



The tips:





Had a few friends over to enjoy with me, good times!

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That's some good looking grub you've got there. I love the performer. Picked it up half price on craigslist in almost mint condition and use it a lot. Heating the charcoal in the chimney doesn't take much more time then preheating the genesis (I have one too). I also love that you can smoke, grill, indirect cool, etc. Very versatile.
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Great looking BBs!!!





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