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Jumped Right In!

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After reading a few post in the forum, I decided this is where I wanted to be. Getting ready to move to Ocala in the next few weeks. My grill has been in storage for about a month and I am going nuts. My father bought me a Side-Box Smoker for Christmas and It has just sat in the box. Well. NO MAS!


I've never used a smoker so it will be a test. I did learn while living in Louisiana how to cook with charcoal vs propane from Indiana days. Much happier this was. Food tastes wayyy better. 


SO I am a rookie at this and will take the 5 day course to see what that is all about.


As my profile states I am just an everyday kinda guy. Gimme a beer or wine at the end of the day with a good slab of meat and a side or 2 and I has a happy face! I will check in everyday and get that 5 day course looked over!


Thank to the forum developers for this site. It's dem cool!

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Beer wine and a slab of meat me and you could be friends, Welcome aboard great site. I also took the 5 day course great info for the new guy.

Presently I started a smoker build all new to me, I think it will be great when it is done. Lots of good reading and lots of knowledge on the board.

See you around, have fun smoking.

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Glad to have you here, sounds like you are on the right track. Be looking through the different topics on the forum tons of information and helpful people.



Gary S

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Thanks for the welcomes! Much appreciated!

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