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Gravity Feed Build

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I'm wanting to build a gravity feed out of a old traffic box and wanting to know if anyone can tell me how to figure the chamber/firebox size. My box is 48hx30wx16d. gonna line the inside with hardi board. And I'm thinking about insulating the outside also. What is a good product to insulate the outside with. Can I use fiberglass? Thanks for any ides and info.

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Pictures of the box.... that would help......
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Are you planning on an external fire box.... A coffee can with briquettes will heat that smoker box... A small Weber with piped in heat and smoke would work... electric element, 220V would be my choice.. and the AMNPS smoke generator...

Insulate between the hardy board and the case with fiberglass or Roxul.... or use sheet metal in place of the hardy board... Hardy board has a lot of thermal mass and holds moisture like most cement products...

don't use a vertical exhaust stack... a short horizontal stack will not drip condensate back into the smoker...
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Would like to have external firebox.

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The box is about 100 gallon.... sooooooo, one calculator says about 30 gallon FB is about right....Smaller would work also..... Since this is a vertical unit, that would be a nice sized FB for longs smokes... and about 90 sq. in. for a FB/CC opening, in a 30 x 16 box.... I would make a 27 x 13 tray from 1/4" steel with 1 1/2" flange.... fit it about 7" above the bottom of the CC with the 1 1/2" gap on all sides... set it up on bolts or something... and plumb in a drain to get rid of grease etc. so you don't catch it on fire... Then a heat shield to keep from boiling the fat before it heads down the drain...

There are probably 5,000 vertical designs... Here is one idea that has endless possibilities for modifications... This won't need a big fire.... Some briquettes and splits and flavor wood will work nicely...

Lots of members have some great smokers and ideas..... get ready for the deluge of sincere help......

Dave on pic to enlarge .....
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