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Turning plate question

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I have an OK Joes smoker, I read a few threads on turning plates now im confused even more. I think it's a piece of metal either bolted or welded above the FB outlet onto the CC to redirect heat more evenly to avoid cold spots. I'm fairly mechanically incline so im sure I could do this mod myself if I completely understood it. I'm going to lowe's  tomorrow to get the material to lower my smoke stack to the grate. Can someone help me out.

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NO mod guys or builders on here tonight?

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Hey James. I have a Brinkman Trailmaster. I ordered one through Horizon Smokers for $60. They have a picture of them on their web site I hope that helps.
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Thanks Lefty I'll check them out

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Just ordered the convection plate from Horizon  It's made for the OK Joe's its a drop in unit no bolting or welding required. Has anyone tried one on these? 

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Hey James, I just ordered the 16" one.  I have read reviews from other people that have them.  They really liked them, and said they are well made.

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Good deal they said mine should be here in about 10 days .

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james1nc just try the plate and exhaust mod first. I done several mods to mine tuning plates was one of them but not sure it needs this mod.
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You can do a search and find lots of pictures and info for these mods. My thread was "assembly/modding Oklahoma Joe
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Thanks Docman I read your post the other day and very impressed with your handy work mods. I found a mod on here a few weeks ago where they lowered the smoke outlet to the grate but can't find it. I think they just used 3'' dryer vent 90%.  have you done this mod?

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I have not lowered the exhaust. If I ever do I'll cut old off and cut new hole. My exhaust is 3-1/2" all the way so I hate to add 3" dryer vent but may one of these days to see how it works
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I figured for less than $10 its a cheap mod to try.Ill let you know if it helps

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I agree
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Finally received my convection plate from Horizon cant wait to try it out . The quality and workmanship was thumb1.gif . think I will do a brisket this week

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Use 3" dryer hose to extend the chimney down to the grate. Makes quite a difference. Here are a couple examples.



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