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New Meat on the Web Site/Forum

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Just started with the Forum, advice from Brother in Law, as I am new to the addiction.  Won a propane Smoke Hollow beginner smoker (not very big), and have done some experiments.  Thinking about getting a Big Green Egg, or maybe a "The Good-One Open Range", like my BIL has, which he likes.  Appreciate any advice.

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Welcome, see ya around the forum ! Get the smoker you will enjoy, I have a WSM and a pellet grill... Been using the pellet grill a lot & WSM still a little ! But there's a bunch of options out there for sure.... And to each their own, get something that makes you happy ! That's just my 2 cents.... Just have fun and enjoy your search !
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Good evening and welcome, Lots of smokers out there to choose from, Smoke on your BIL's and see how you like it, do some readind and research, and look them over pretty close when you are ready to buy.


Gary S

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