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first timer

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firing up the smoker for the first time today. starting off with 3 half chickens; Ill post pics of the fi

nished product.

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forgot to take pics but my chickens came out amazing! I had some trouble keeping the heat down. next time a little less charcoal I guess, but they were the best chickens I've ever cooked. cooked in about an hour and a half. split side down till last 20 minutes and the skin was golden brown and crispy. cant wait to do a pork sirloin roast and more chicken this weekend!

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Glad your chickens turned out good for you  thumb1.gif   Hopefully you remember to take some pics next time - they are VERY popular here  :biggrin: 

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regarding my heat control difficulties; would it help me to try to stabilize tem before adding wood chunks? also does lump charcoal busr better or longer than briquettes? smoking a pork sirloin Saturday so I gotta keep it going all day.

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also I will have pics of my equip. and before & after of the meat of course;(I've delegated that duty so I can bbq)

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promised pic IMG_0248.JPG 3,438k .JPG file of my grill/smoker

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IMG_0253.JPG 1,938k .JPG file

the pork sirloin roast I'm brining tonight and smoking tomorrow.

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another attempt to post pics.....

brinkman side by side, because kids don't want to wait

this weeks meat

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also smoking 2 split chickens today; roast has been soaking in whiskey brine all night and I have a petty good rub for the chickens.

finished product pics to follow later on.

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