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fresh shrimp

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my uncle just came back from gulf port with a load of shrimp right off the boat,  $5 lb uncleaned not sorted heads on,   they did bag them in 5lb bags for him,  so $25 for 5lbs  great deal for fresh seafood here in iowa.


what i like about these is there not froze and there alittle salty from sea salt and alot more flavor.

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If freezing, pull the heads and leave the shell on, quart "freezer" ziploc's , shrimp in, fill completely up with water. Evacuate all the air out the bag and be careful, tails will punch holes in plastic. Freeze on trays in case of leakage. Shrimp will taste fresh after thawing for 10 /20 years.


If you are cooking remember to add the shrimp dead last to the pot, use the shells and heads to boil down for stock, stock makes a huge difference if pot cooking.


Looks like a good score!

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i got 10 lbs and i left the shell and tail on, and didn't devain  the shrimp,  shrimp poop is sea food too and doesnt bother me at all,  ive got them separated in equal amounts and water in Ziploc bags in the freezer.


i didnt know about the heads,  why didnt you tell me before i threw them away that i could have used them in something good and now that there mixed  in with all the food boogers in the trash can.  im kidding ya 

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