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Smoked merluzzo (whiting)

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Followed Leah's approach: oil (olive), salt and pepper. Used hickory wood, staid below 200F until the last 15-20 minutes, when I cranked it up to around 250F.

I knew (and was concerned) it would not take a lot of smoke being un-brined. It didn't - and that was a good thing. I found the smoke "hint" very enjoyable with delicate meat like this.

On the side I made big plans for some arugula I had in the fridge (evoo, lemon, avocado). When I opened the clamshell it seemed unhappy. So I decided to wilt it with garlic and roasted pine nuts. Drizzled with good balsamic to bring it back to life. And alive it was. First time I ate cooked arugula. Not the last. It paired nicely with the flaky fish.

And the proof
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Nice smoke man  thumb1.gif  I like the addition of the arugula  :smile:

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It looks delicious and healthful and so beautifully done!!!


I love simple creations that aren't all gunked up with heavy sauce and such, and which can showcase the real taste of the fish or meat or whatever it is! You really mastered that so magically!


It all looks quite wonderful! Great job!!! Whiting is so delicious!!!


Gorgeous post! 


Cheers! - Leah

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