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Hello.  As I have stated many times I don't use rubs most of the time.  I have never found the need to remove the membrane on beef or pork but I did recently ask Wade to show me how it was done so the next time I will try it.  The old timers I learned from never removed it and I just never developed the habit.  Keep Smokin!


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I usally yank it off, but not always. Depends on how lazy I feel at prep time.
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Left on this shot!
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The past couple of years Ive been removing the membrane.   Don't know if I noticed much of a difference.  

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I always remove.
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I used to, but I don't bother anymore. I just give the membrane a quick crosshatch with a knife.

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The reason I take the membrane off is because the ribs are a lot easier to eat and by taking the membrane off, the rub can blend in from both sides.  If you leave the membrane on.  you might as well just season the meaty side of the ribs.  In the end it's personal preference.  Reinhard

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I always remove it. When I see it left on I think the cook was lazy or did not know better.
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I always remove for many of the reason already mentioned.
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I did it once, then the next time I didn't. The texture seemed odd with the membrane left on, so I always do it now.
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