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They just don't understand

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I have been smoking meats for a few years now and it's the only way I cook.  Have no need for a grill anymore.  Friends have fallen in love with my home made "Kajun Korey's EPIC BBQ Sauce".  So much that I make several jars at a time to give to friends.  When I decide to smoke something and invite friends over to eat enjoy they all seem to think I'm a little crazy.  The time I spend selecting the right meat, prepping the meat.  Making the sure the cooker is ready and that I have the right wood to use.  Once they start eating everyone is happy that I go a little crazy doing this.  I love seeing the joy on their faces as they eat and realize what it takes to make great bbq.  I know after reading so many post on this forum that I am not alone.  Do any of your friends enjoy the fact that we take this so seriously and go a little crazy so they all can eat great BBQ?   I even have all the teachers at my children's school asking me to send more leftovers for their lunch. haha

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LOL - yeah I got my neighbors trained. They smell smoke and know that I will generally be passing out little baggies of smokey goodness because I always load my smoker when I fire it up. All my family is just plain spoiled, they now just assume I will do any and all things BBQ - my mom informed me I was providing pulled pork and brisket for 75 people this last Christmas, lol. But it was fun to put 100 lbs. of meat on my smoker at one go - and watch everybody enjoy the food at the party.

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