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My First Fatties.

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Well I tried to make 2 fatties. It is my first attempt. I failed on my Breakfast Fattie. It fell to pieces when I tried to roll it. I think 1.5 lbs would work better than 1 lb. It was really thin in the 1 gallon bag and I tried to put too much in it.

My second one was 80/20 hamburger, cheddar cheese, onion, mushrooms, and green peppers. Wrapped in a bacon weave of course.

I only got finished pics because I was in a hurry. Never make fatties when you are pressed for time.

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Looks good man - nice fatty  Thumbs Up

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Looks great - nice job, keep them coming. 

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That's some tasty looking fatties! looks like your bacon turned out perfect! Nice smoke!

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Great looking fatty!!! I agree that using 1.5lbs of meat makes it easyer to roll. I made 5 more fattys last weekend, 4 of them were 1.5 lbs each (beef,pork,venison) and 1 was 1 lbs (turkey) and it was def harder to roll but still turned out great!!! Congrats on a nice fatty, the first of many I'm sure!!

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It's always impressive to see these rolled up artistic creations! (Never knew the term "fattie" until coming to this site). Great job! Cheers! - Leah

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