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Recommendations for a Good Dehydrator

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I would like to purchase a good dehydrator for drying vegetables and maybe even some jerky. I have learned so much from this site about smoking meats and fish that I was hoping some of you had some experience with this method of processing.
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I have 'The Sausage Maker" D-10 SS dehydrator...... I've been using it for years...... Fan forced air circulation.... Dries stuff very fast... Thermostat to control the temp... I love it.... I have check the calibration of the dial and made a paper overlay to get better control of the temps... The original overlay was off by about 5 degrees.... Dave

Basil drying in there now..... on pic to enlarge.....

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I love my LEM ss ten tray! Fan for air circulation. Ten trays of meat dried in about five hours. That obviously depends on the thickness of the cut.
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Thanks Dave

I like the Stainless Steel ane the drying fan for even and quicker drying time. I will look at what Sausage Maker has to offer and compare to the others like LEM, Nesco and Excalibur.
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I've had the Nesco for about 3 years now with xtra trays. Use mainly for jerky with the occasional batch of dried fruits. Never had a problem, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and fairly inexpensive if I recall...optional goodies pretty much available everywhere
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