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Pork aspic apetizer

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A standard winter fare in the old country, pork aspic is made from trotters, tail, ears. No gelatin needed if done right.

I always prepare a horseradish sauce to serve with it.

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Very fun! That must have been a real treat! And I love that gelatin isn't needed! Nice to see! Cheers! - Leah

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I've made demiglace of veal before and it was a really long process.  But when I made a soup using pigs feet as the only meat, I obtained the most crystal clear gelatin that I ever got...once the soup was chilled.  And the soup was simmered for just a few hours.  Crystal clear.  And I don't know why the french recipes for aspic that I've seen in the past didn't call for pigs feet.


Mmmm, and perhaps the addition of sliced green onions and cucumbers.

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I think this is really clever cookery . Pigs feet are a great ingredient for all those brawn/aspic style or smoked then put into soups with beans & stuff.
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