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Garlic overload bottom round beef roast

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Howdy all! I LOVE garlic so it made sense to smoke this bottom round roast with it.

At first I just did your normal SPOG attack.




Then the savory garlic smell got my mouth watering and I remembered the jar of chopped garlic cloves

in the fridge! Here's the result....




Into the fridge it went for 36 hours!

Fired up the smoker....




Smoked to an IT of 135F.




Sliced some up on the plate. Isn't that a garlic ring on the meat from marinating so long?

This was supposed to be my work lunch for the week but I ate like 1/3 of it when I was slicing!



Thanks to info from all of you here I can enjoy this amazing roast!!!      :yahoo:  -Rich

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Looks tasty!!!
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  Very nice! I think I could finish it for you......:drool



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Beautiful piece of meat. You'll learn, its like getting fries at the drive inn used to be, always buy extra for the drive home....LOL


I always figure a 35% lose in weight smoking and try to cook accordingly....LOL Yeah right!

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damn that looks awesome, i'm a sucker for too much garlic lol love the 'garlic ring' !!

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That's some fine looking slices there!  :drool  :32:   Nice job man  thumb1.gif

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Ahhhh smoked roast beef... Looks great!
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