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Poll Results: Whos the winner?

Poll expired: Apr 18, 2014  
  • 9% (7)
    1) Fatty meets Frittata! A smoked Spinach, cheese, potato, garlic & egg frittata cooked in a Fatty “crust” (made of a bacon weave, maple syrup soaked bread crumbs, and breakfast sausage). Fatty “crust” smoked with Hickory & Apple till firm. Frittata vegetables smoked together, then mixed with egg, milk and cheese and poured into the crust and smoked till done and crusty on the top.
  • 1% (1)
    2) Sourdough blueberry waffles, maple syrup, Canadian bacon deconstructed and reconstructed. Took the blueberries out of the waffles and added chopped Canadian bacon. Used blueberry syrup instead of maple. The star of the show, Maple Peppered Bacon Sausage. Ground pork with cure, salt, pepper and maple syrup, stuffed in FB casings and smoked to taste like bacon. Sliced and fried.
  • 22% (17)
    3) Smoked Fatty Benedict wrapped in fresh local sausage and hickory-smoked bacon, stuffed with peppers, onions, jalapeños, apple-wood smoked cheddar and potatoes, all topped with homemade hollandaise sauce and smoked hungarian paprika.
  • 4% (3)
    4) Smoked Spanish chorizo Rosti with sour cream and fried eggs .
  • 9% (7)
    5) Reverse Seared Filet (Pecan, Orange & Oak) Topped with Free Range Poached Egg and Fire Roasted Aged Balsamic Glazed Grape Tomatoes on a Bed of Fresh Arugula, Frisee and Baby Spinach Tossed with EVOO, Hickory Smoked Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Black Pepper with a Side of Pimento and Maple Smoked Cheese Grit Fries and Rendered Apple Wood Smoked Bacon & Chive Aioli
  • 8% (6)
    6) Desert Morning Breakfast - 100% SMOKED Camel = Smoked Camel Burger, served "medium rare," & outlined with smoked and then sliced, black Kalamata olives. Sunshine = Smoked Dried Persimmons (center) with one smoked black olive, and Smoked Dried Mangos as the sun's rays. Sand Dunes/Pyramids = Smoked Amaranth Grits, With Smoked Egg White Wedges & Smoked Gluten-Free Tabouli (made from scratch). Bacon Word = Smoked Date Sugar (100% Pureed Dates), With Letter's Tips Made of Smoked Black Olives. Trim Around Bacon Word = Smoked Dates, Smoked Mint, & Smoked Hearts of Palm. Decorative Top & Bottom Borders = Smoked Eggs Stuffed With Smoked Tabouli, & Topped With One Smoked Black Olive Each - Smoked Egg Yolks Drizzled Around, and Dusted with Smoked Black Pepper. French Press = Smoked Black Coffee (in press & in small "desert" coffee glasses).
  • 5% (4)
    7) Scotch Eggs - Cold smoked egg wrapped in homemade Ginger & Sage breakfast sausage Maple Bacon - Cold smoked, dry aged maple in fused bacon Dutch's Country Beans - Hot smoked pinto bean recipe from SMF
  • 18% (14)
    8) Bacon Cornucopia - Home cured, maple wood smoked pork belly, baked in the shape of a cornucopia to display a medley of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sandwiches, Smoked salmon on waffle - Home apple wood cold smoked King salmon and flavored with home grown calamondin orange zest on cream cheese dill spread. Scrambled eggs in crispy bacon basket – Scrambled eggs fried in Corned beef fat with powdered cracklings made from home corned beef fat. Served with coffee from home roasted green coffee beans, and mango nectar.
  • 2% (2)
    9) Mini Breakfast Taco’s! Apple smoked bacon taco shells made on the smoker. Made with scrambled eggs, topped with pork green chile, green chili sour cream, and smoked pepper jack cheese!
  • 5% (4)
    10) Hurricane corn bread w/ smoked breakfast sausage and corn an cheese .pan fried w/ cane syrup . Dirty grits w/ smoked bacon and smoked green onion pork sausage. 2 eggs sunny side .
  • 2% (2)
    11) Homemade corned beef with green hollandaise sauce, Apple wood smoked Scotch Eggs, Apple wood smoked homemade bacon, Irish Soda Bread, Fruit Salad, And of course Irish Red Ale.
  • 9% (7)
    12) The All Day Breakfast - Farm eggs with buckboard bacon, fresh side, homemade bread toast trees with fresh apple butter, homefries with smoked linguica, peppers & onions, homemade breakfast sausage stars & pancake hearts with Amish butter. To top it off there is fresh yogurt with strawberries, kiwi & bananas coupled with grapes, walnuts & fresh strawberry roses.
  • 1% (1)
    13) Baby back smoked ribs/hash with eggs and biscuit.
75 Total Votes  
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MMMM Looks Delicious... Looking forward to the next Throwdown! 

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Thanks, was hoping it wasn't me

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Good Morning and Happy Tasty Tuesday to all!


So do we get to officially congratulate the winner now, and/or learn of who's who?


These were all so delicious looking and impressive! 


Fabulous job!


Cheers! - Leah

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Nope we wait till it is posted. Brian needs to receive the judges votes.....

It looks like #3 took popular vote, but it is all about the Judges vote to finalize the winners. One person can't win both categories. If one wins popular and judges then the 2nd most on popular wins popular.
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