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Boneless Butt When is it done???

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Hi All I'm going to smoke my 1st Boneless Butt. Have a question, how will I know when the Butt ready to be pulled.

I've smoked Butts before but always with the bone in, so I just had to wait till the bone came out easily.

Was thinking 205-210 it should be ready to be pulled?

Also what rub from these 3 would be good for the butt,Simply Marvelous, Cherry-Spicy Apple or Sweet Seduction.

Also doing 1 rack of Baby Backs and 1 rack of Spares.

Thanks Dan

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Probe tender (buttah)   Start checking about 195*

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Thanks...Any thoughts on the rub?


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One thing i learned about butts is the rub isn't overly important because you won't taste that much of it after the pull.  I just use what i put on ribs but a simple SPOG would be good too.   A good finishing sauce will accentuate the flavor the most. 


Oh i do like rubbing down with a good olive oil before the rub.

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Hi All Just rubbed my 3.5 lb Butt with Simply Marvelous, Cherry rub, wrapped in plastic and back into the fridge until tomorrow morning.

Then I will hit it with some Montreal Seasonings/salt an pepper.

I also have a rack of Spares and Baby Backs. I'm going to rub with one SM Spicy Apple, the other Cherry.

Thanks Dan

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I don't know your rub, but I always do a light coating of light brown sugar just before it hits the smoker. Yes it turns liquid all over and is messy, but when heated it caramelizes and forms a hard candy like shell that holds moisture in the meat and as a lightly sweet taste. Most rubs are either salt and/or sugar based.

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Hi All The results are in. The winner is the Cherry and Sweet Seduction rub.
Spicy Apple was a little too spicy for my wife, anyway to tame it down some?
The Butt at 205* came out nice n juicy and tasted great.
Thanks DanB
St Louis on the bottom rubbed with Spicy Apple..Baby backs top rubbed with Cherry & Sweet Seduction.




                                                       Butt done



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