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HELP! - MES not generating smoke

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I have a new Masterbuilt Electric and am using it for the second time. I reported that it did not generate much/any smoke the first time I used it and was told NOT to soak the hickory chips.


Today I have it fired up and it is sitting at 220* with DRY chips and there is no smoke coming out.


The chips are in the pan provide by the MFG and the pan sits in a grate but does NOT touch the heating element.  In fact the pan is about half an inch above the element.


Any ideas???


I am ready to fire up my charcoal smoker.

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i had same problem it sucks!  heres what i did  i started using wood pellets they work way better than chips.   if it still dont smoke you need to use a propane torch to start them.. heres where i buy my pellets

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If your turning the loader all the way and still no smoke I would say to call Masterbuilt.

Monday – Friday 8:00 -5:00 EST
Phone: 800.489.1581
Fax: 706.660.8022

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Yes, sorry for opening two threads.  I was in the "heat of battle" and was not getting a lot of action.  Of course it was 1:30 PM MST on a Thursday!

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When I look at  the vent on my MES40 (2012 version), I always have a nice thin blue smoke.  When I open the door, I get blasted with smoke.  If you are not getting blasted with smoke when you open the door, I would assume your heating element is not working correctly.  Contact Masterbuilt.

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